How Random, Right?

Do you ever just have “random” things you like? I do. Could it be that I am ADD? I don’t think I have the “H” to be ADHD like my children but ADD is surely a possibilty. I am random in all areas. My thoughts, my interests, my wardrobe…. yeah, everything.

I have so many incompleted “projects” because I get bored so fast. My current list includes (but I dont think this is all of it):
1. 2 quilts
2. 3 counted cross stitch
3. A knit scarf for Maison
4. A knit scaft for me
5. Some sewing projects
6. I am reading 4 different books
7. More “home improvement projects” than I care to think about

Oh well….. I will finish it all one day MAYBE

Oh guess what happened to us recently! We (Alyssa & I) had our first ever T1P ( meet-up. We got to meet some WONDERFUL people from North Carolina. Jennifer & her daughter Brenna. They were visiting family in the Biloxi, MS area so they drove into LA and we met up. The girls instantly bonded… well so did Jen & I. We could all be twins I think, well except for the fact that Jen is like skinny and I am ummm, not-so pleasantly plump. LOL Maybe just twins of the mind! Right?

(Instant Best Friend)
(Two Peas In A Pod)
They are so cute and are already planning how to get Brenna moved down here or at the very least the cost of Alyssa going to North Carolina this summer.

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