An Apron Challenge

Over the weekend I (as you already know) spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. While my husband, teen daughter Alyssa and I were all working on jams & jellies a discussion ensued about aprons. The apron I am wearing in my post from yesterday was an apron that belonged to my mother in law before she passed away.

She was a wonderful lady and a FABULOUS cook. The apron reads “Visiting Kitchens with the Daily Star”. The Daily Star is a local news paper where we live and they used to, once a week, visit with local folks known for their cooking and they would prepare a dish in the person’s home. For their photo-op they were given this apron, that the got to keep. I wear it with pride and hope that her greatness in the kitchen has somehow worn off on me. (I also inherited her extensive collect of cookbooks, which I use often.)

While we were working this weekend, for some reason, we started talking about the apron and the others we have hanging in the kitchen. I said I wanted to make some more “newer” aprons. That of course created my internet search for apron patterns and idea. (I go to google for everything! Its sad, really, how much I depend on the internet.)

So there I am: relaxing on the sofa, feet throbbing from being on them all day in a poor shoe choice (slippers), searching to my hearts content about aprons when I stumble across a blog on Willow Homestead that made my heart leap!

Make An Apron A Month!?!?! Oh wow… this could be F-U-N! I can’t wait to start this. I have already started rummaging through my fabric for what I want to use. More internet searches needed for more cute ideas. Cute but functional of course!

Here is one I think is adorable
Photo Credit

Got any ideas you wanna lay on me? Let me hear from you! Do you care to join me?

Hugs from the South


14 thoughts on “An Apron Challenge

  1. Hi Julie,
    It's like you read my mind. LOL. I'm with you on this one. I have been on an apron making kick for a month now. I love making them and giving them as gifts. I need to make a few for myself now. I stopped by Willow Homestead last week and was amazed. She's an amazing seamstress. She has a few other blogs too that I watch. let's get to work…

  2. I found your blog via the Country Homemaker blog hop. Oh, I think one apron a month would be cute. I like vintage from the 1940s or earlier and lots of ruffles 😉 🙂 OH, and if it looks like it came straight out of Anne of Green Gables…even BETTER 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  3. Oh I agree Heidi, she IS amazing! I follower her other blogs as well. I am currently “planning” my aprons out and will hopefully start on one this weekend. I have an quilt that I have to have done by June that has alot of embroidery work on it, so I have to make sure I get that done too! There is just never enough hours in the day for all I want to accomplish! LOL

    Thank you for stopping by. Hope you will come back often! ~ Julie

  4. Julie, thanks so much for the link up! I just happened to check my traffic sources this afternoon, and there you were! I'm still working on my March apron (ug, some months are tougher than others!). I'd love to see some of your creations some time. Happy Sewing!!

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