It’s Carnival Time Part 3

Today is the day! Its Mardi Gras across the world. New Orleans is rockin’ and rollin’, but where am I? NOT IN NEW ORLEANS, I assure you! No folks, my days of down in the crazyiness of it all are LONG over!
Today, I am going to share the FAMILY side of Mardi Gras! No bare skin being flashed, no gigantic floats, no toasting of Kings & Queens, no magnificant ball gowns….. nope, we are gonna enjoy the QUIETER side of Mardi Gras today.
There are MANY MANY parades in the state of Louisiana that dont take place in New Orleans! Most of those parades are more family oriented. The floats are as outlandish, and its an all-around safer expierence for all involved.
Louisiana schools SHUT DOWN! Yes! We are out of school for the Mardi Gras holiday! My children will return to school on Thursday. No school: Lundi Gras, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday.

School Children Create Floats for School and “roll” Through the Hallways!
photo credit

Parents Decorate Wagons and “roll” through Neighborhoods with the Children as the Riders!
photo credit
Yes, There are Even PET Mardi Gras Parades!
photo credit
Many Families Spend the Day Together, Not at a Parade, but at a Family Bar-B-Que!
photo credit
I you have all learned something about the beloved season of Carnival in my series. Most people outside of Louisiana only see what the national news has to show on a Louisiana Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, that is not always the BEST light for my great state to be portrayed in. There IS a good side to this wonderful tradition and I hope you have all gotten a glimpse of it here. So, from me to you….

4 thoughts on “It’s Carnival Time Part 3

  1. There are folks that celebrate Mardi Gras even out here on the WEst Coast. Yesterday when I went shopping at Whole Foods, it was an absolute ZOO. The parking lot was so bad, they actually had traffic cops directing traffic. I suspect it was because of Mardi Gras today…but it could have just been that it was a federal holiday, too 🙂 🙂 Okay, I definitely the family-friendly version is better than the other one 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

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