Easy Chicken & Dumplings

I haven’t been feeling well this week and dinner has quickly turned south. Hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza delivery….. Ugh. I am done. Its also finally starting to cool off down here in the Deep South, so what better idea than my Easy Chicken & Dumplings for dinner? I literally spent no time at the stove and we ended up with a delicious dinner.

Need: 2 stock pots (I know, I know! Two? Well…. it just goes faster that way!)

In one pot, boil until cooked, then drain in a strainer:
2 lbs chicken breast tenderloins (frozen, straight from the bag is what I do)
2 cups seasoning blend (onion, bell pepper, celery that is pre-chopped)

While chicken is boiling, In the other pot:
2 – 32 oz. boxes Swanson Chicken Broth
2 – 12 oz. cans Evaporated Milk
3(approx) tablespoons Paul Prudhomme Poultry Magic (I get mine at Winn Dixie)

This is really to taste. I don’t actually measure the seasoning and it will really depend on your own taste as to how much you will want to use.

Combine the above in the pot and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Don’t forget to stir or you will end up with scorched milk. 

Once you have a rolling boil, you need:
4 rolls of CHEAP can buttermilk biscuits – I am talking the cheap small ones. Cheaper the better, honest!

Take each biscuit and break off into pieces. You will get 4-6 pinches off of each biscuit. Throw into the boiling broth/evap. milk mixture.

Finishing Up:
Really, after about 15 minutes of the biscuits boiling in the liquid you could be eating, but I like mine to thicken up and be more of a stew consistency than a soup consistency. Its really a matter of preference. 

Once you have added your pulled pieces of biscuit, you need to break the chicken into bit size pieces and add it to the pot.

From the time my biscuits go in, I am usually serving bowls of this up within 45 minutes.




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