Pillowcase Dreams

What a busy weekend I had…….

We got to spend some time with Gretel on the open roads. Gretel is, for those who don’t know, our recently purchased 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup truck. (I will have to do a story on her real soon.) Anyway, it was Father’s Day on Sunday and after our morning church service, we relaxed at home for awhile before doing some work on Gretel. She has a good bit of restoration still to be done, but its exciting to drive down the road in her. No radio, no AIR, no electronics – just the open road and a really cool old truck!

On my quest to return to crafting (and blogging) I have been looking all over the internet – ok, Pinterest for the most part – to find fun things to work on and write about. So my newest fixation is pillowcases. I have a TON of these things in my house. With 5 beds, and a grandmother who enjoyed embroidering anything she could put in her hands – pillowcases are in abundance around our place. So why not put some of them to a different use.
Here are some of the ideas I found. Have you tried any of these? Have an idea of your own you want to share? Please let me know!! I will share some of my completed projects as soon as I get to them. 🙂
Have a Blessed Week!

An Apron Challenge

Over the weekend I (as you already know) spent a great deal of time in the kitchen. While my husband, teen daughter Alyssa and I were all working on jams & jellies a discussion ensued about aprons. The apron I am wearing in my post from yesterday was an apron that belonged to my mother in law before she passed away.

She was a wonderful lady and a FABULOUS cook. The apron reads “Visiting Kitchens with the Daily Star”. The Daily Star is a local news paper where we live and they used to, once a week, visit with local folks known for their cooking and they would prepare a dish in the person’s home. For their photo-op they were given this apron, that the got to keep. I wear it with pride and hope that her greatness in the kitchen has somehow worn off on me. (I also inherited her extensive collect of cookbooks, which I use often.)

While we were working this weekend, for some reason, we started talking about the apron and the others we have hanging in the kitchen. I said I wanted to make some more “newer” aprons. That of course created my internet search for apron patterns and idea. (I go to google for everything! Its sad, really, how much I depend on the internet.)

So there I am: relaxing on the sofa, feet throbbing from being on them all day in a poor shoe choice (slippers), searching to my hearts content about aprons when I stumble across a blog on Willow Homestead that made my heart leap!

Make An Apron A Month!?!?! Oh wow… this could be F-U-N! I can’t wait to start this. I have already started rummaging through my fabric for what I want to use. More internet searches needed for more cute ideas. Cute but functional of course!

Here is one I think is adorable
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Got any ideas you wanna lay on me? Let me hear from you! Do you care to join me?

Hugs from the South